5 Sleep-Habit Tweaks To Help You Adjust To Daylight Savings Time

When your clocks jump forward, you’ll lose a full hour of sleep and wind up with a 23-hour day. The shift may seem pretty insignificant, but it affects your daily circadian rhythms and hormone cycles for roughly a week, creating a feeling of lethargy, potentially worsening your sleep and lowering your immune function.

Research suggests that the seasonal “jump forward” into Daylight Savings Time typically leads to two main problems:

  1. increased sleep latency (difficulty falling asleep)
  2. increased sleep fragmentation (trouble staying asleep and achieving deep sleep) for up to a week after the transition Read more



Author: Dr. Baek

- Scientist (Microbiology, Synthetic Biology, Molecular Biology). - Founder / CEO of the biotech company Peption LLC. - Passionate about biotechnological innovations to address important global health issues.

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