New Study Reveals the Secret to Happiness is Not Thinking About It Too Much. Here’s Why

Planning your happiness? Is it all scheduled? That might be the problem.

You’re walking on a sunny beach in California.

The sun is baking you to a crisp, and that’s what makes it so fun. You look back and see your footprints in the sand, which reminds you of a cheesy postcard at Hallmark. A loved one is with you. It’s an amazing experience, and you’re happy.

You know what would ruin that moment? According to a new study released this month, thinking about whether you’re happy or setting a lofty goal for your own happiness is a major buzzkill. Analyzing a group of people, asking them questions about their happiness goals (which honestly sounds like it could also ruin the experience), the researchers found that the self-analysis about happiness and goal-setting tends to make people less happy. Read more.


Author: Dr. Baek

- Scientist (Microbiology, Synthetic Biology, Molecular Biology). - Founder / CEO of the biotech company Peption LLC. - Passionate about biotechnological innovations to address important global health issues.

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